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Minute 78

Luma Adnani

Founder of Adam Wa Mishmish

Luma has graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English and then a Master’s Degree in international Journalism, she moved back to Amman, and worked at the Jordan Times, and then became a morning show presenter at a local radio station. In 2012 Luma got married, and in 2014 she had her first born Adam. Frustrated with the quality of Arabic content available to children, and afraid her son would not love his mother tongue , she decided to do something about it along with her partners. In 2016, Adam Wa Mishmish was launched. A musical cartoon the teaches children the basics of the Arabic language and the world around them, targeting young children aged 0 to 6 years old. Today their cartoon plays on OSN, Lamsa, Anghami, Istikana and Highbrow. Their YouTube channel has over 1 and a quarter million views and grows everyday.