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Minute 73

Basma Nazer

Artist & Social Entrepreneur

Basma Nazer is a social entrepreneur who started Threads Initiative 3 years ago along with women 
in Baqa’a Refugee Camp. Basma aims on helping the camp solve most of their main problems by empowering women who create products with a cause. Basma’s education focused on Marketing 

& Advertising between Jordan and Canada and an MBA from the UK with a focus on strategy and Innovation. She is currently the Marketing Manager for a telecommunication company is Amman. 
She is the founder of Khoyoot and works with coordinators and volunteers in Amman and the camp. Basma was awarded the Princess Basma Award for Human Development and Community Services by Princess Basma this year and was one of the top 10 finalists for the MIT’s social entrepreneurship track held in Oman.