Minute 82

Shireen Yaish

Art Therapist

In a part of the world that is suffering from war, occupation and trauma, Shireen Yaish founded Kaynouna Center,  Art Psychotherapy Centre. She wanted to help those dealing with difficult feelings and living in challenging places, such as Gaza, Palestine- connect with their Kaynouna (their core of being), in order to realize their full potential as human beings. Shireen has stationed herself as a pioneer of art therapy in the Arab world, and is the spirit behind initiatives such as ‘SELFIE KUNA- Empowering Women Through Art’, ‘Davinci’s Children- Art Therapy with Orphans of Jordan’, and ‘Frida- Art Therapy with Refugee Children’- which provide therapy and training to thousands of Syrian, Iraqi, Palestinian, Jordanian, Yemini, Sudanese, and Arab women and children. Her clinical skills are based on art psychotherapy and influenced by Psychodynamic, Jungian approaches and trauma informed Art Therapy and mindfulness techniques.


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