Minute 80

Suheil Baqaeen

Artist/ Founder of Reading Colour

Suhail Baqaeen is a self-made artist who followed his passion, using art combined with his personal experiences to deliver a message. Baqaeen has had over 15 solo exhibitions of his works of art. He explained that becoming an artist was not an easy task, “As an artist, you need to experience many situations, and live in many conditions, to sharpen your skills; to become an artist you must defy your surroundings". Baqaeen is a firm advocate of an artist’s role in society, which crucially depends on making a positive change through societal affairs. Working with children aged between eight and 16 from the Royal Academy of the Blind, he created the Scent of Colors project, which stimulated the imagination of the students by using the sense of smell to choose colors. Students used scented colors by associating colors with scents and later portraying them in their art work. Baqaeen hopes to apply this project on a larger scale and support a greater awareness of art within the next generation of Jordanians.


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