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# 13

Zayna alhamarneh



Zayna Al Hamarneh, Co-Founder & CEO of MODE Marketing & PR,  this passionate 29 year old kicked off her career at the young age of 15. She dabbled in several avenues including media, advertising, events,
public relation and marketing before she found her rhythm. The past five years have been jam-packed; MODE worked with more than 50 local and international brands such as, Google, Coca-Cola, Breitling, Go Sport, Loacker, Lipton, Cirque du Soleil, STOMP, Lavazza and ATICO Fakhreldin Group. Zayna loves social media & micro-blogging and her wanderlust can never be satisfied, while her love for food and  fashion is clearly shown on her pages feed. With her hard work she made it as  one of Jordan’s top social media influencers, who’s not afraid to utilize her reach to support a cause, share a meal with her followers, or, simply, check in.



Omar Al Abdallat


Amman- Jordan

An award winning cartoonist, an internationally acclaimed cartoonist and a change advocate, a public and motivational speaker, social media activist with several awards for outstanding online presence. As an influential cartoonist, Omar gives back to the community through training in creative production, drawing, caricature, creative thinking and social media engagement through Art.  Omar is an motivational and inspirational speaker who participated in many local, regional and international events, such as but not limited to TEDX Oporto in Portugal in 2015, Al Doha 8th convention held by Al Jazeera in 2014.



# 17

Ali Almasri

Type & graphic designer


Ali Almasri is a type and graphic designer who holds multiple degrees in graphic and industrial design. His portfolio is very diverse, across the area of branding and corporate identities, interactive media design, print design, and type design. At the same time, his practices encompass experimentation with multiple digital and analogue media. On the side he developed an initiative called Wajha, an independent social initiative that uses design and branding knowledge to help the community by offering design services for FREE. Wajha uses the city’s facades as an empty canvas for experiments in typography, illustration, and graphic design. In 2014 he launched his own type foundry under the name Abjad: The foundry publishes high quality Arabic typefaces, and craft them to work for specific platforms.​​​​



Zaid souqi

Social Entrepreneur

Amman- Jordan

Social entrepreneur with a B.Sc. in Computer Systems engineering,  after  working in the corporate Finance as a financial analyst and holding different positions in Logistics such as Operations and General Management, in addition to interning at and consulting an NGO in South Africa, Zaid decided to quit his job  and comfort zone to find his passion. After two years of soul-searching while attending one of the top entrepreneurship focused MBA programs and serving an South African foundation in Johannesburg that aims to improve the lives of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in rural communities, Zaid was able to pursue a purposeful life through creating his dream project The Orenda Tribe; a children's clothes brand that offers high quality and socially responsible apparel, with designs created from the art of children living in refugee camps & distressed communities.




Faysal tabbara

architect and educator

Sharjah, U.A.E
Faysal is an Architect and Educator, currently Associate Professor of

Architecture at the American University of Sharjah, U.A.E. He received his Master's in Architecture and Urbanism at the Architectural Association School of Architecture's Design Research Lab (AADRL) in London and his B.Arch from AUS. He has previously held professional positions in architecture and design in London and the U.A.E. Faysal is a Co-founder of Architecture + Other Things, where he explores alternative models of architecture and design. Nature is Faysal's main source of inspiration, his work is under the theme of almost found, which makes the person wonder whether the piece is found or made.


# 39

Hayan maani


Amman - Jordan

A multi talented artist whose work covers a wide array of design directions. From paintings and sculpture to calligraphy and interior design. With a journey of over 25 years; Hayan has steadfastly left his own imprint in his home country Jordan. Firmly believing in the power of expression, individualism and originality, his works are a true reflection of his artistic inner nature.

Hayan is inspired and specialized in the Arabic and Islamic art forms,

he expresses his vision by intersecting between modern Arabic calligraphy

and furniture design.​​​​​


# 19

Maha kalis

Chef & designer


Maha Kalis is an Artist, Designer & Baker, has studied graphic design and worked as a designer for 9 years meanwhile pursing her passion in Art, painting, cooking, baking and digital design. Combining Maha's artistic background with her love for food and flavor  she has created Marmalade; home based kitchen specialized in delicious deserts & pleasant packages



Samer shawar

Hardware hacker

Jerusalem - Palestine
Samer Shawar is Hacker, Maker, and a Developer. Holds a degree in Management information systems and New Media majoring in Arts, International experience in electronics and hardware hacking. Samer's passion for Art & Technology pushed him to build the first Hackerspace in Palestine, his goal is to build a community for Hackers & Makers, to create smart hardware products in Palestine that competes globally and to raise awareness in the digital privacy. Samer is the Co-founder of VecBox a Hackerspace that provides access to knowledge and tools that enables both the tech community and individuals interested in tech solutions to engage, learn and build for change.


        # 22        

sally shalabi



Between story telling and story collecting lies a sea of possibility, this is Shalabieh's playground. Shalabieh (Sally Shalabi), started her story telling years ago with children and uses both local and international influences to inspire her performances. Her performances include the folkloric tales and modern stories, as well as children's classics. Shalabieh enjoys working with a range of audiences that includes children, family audiences and adults. Shalabieh is inspired by old folklore stories and works with each story, developing it and  bringing it into a contemporary light. She is developing her own stories and shows in 2016 and 2017.  She tells her stories in both English and Arabic as well as performing collaboratively as a translating story teller. She is also the founder of a new collaborative group: 

The Jordanian Story Tellers Collective.

# 3

Bijan qutub

Ballet & contemporary dancer


Bijan Qutub was born in Amman, Jordan. Bijan  is the first male Jordanian Ballet dancer to pursue dance professionally on scholarship at the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School in New York Aiming to have a professional career and return to Jordan to develop and help the sustainable growth in the arts and dance .


# 11

Shamekh Bluwi

Visual artist


​Shamekh Bluwi, an architect and Visual artist. Through his drawing experience and his architectural background he has found his passion in Fashion illustrations inspired by the international fashion brands. His artwork started as a hobby and now its getting featured in the best entertaining websites such as: designTaxi, 9gag, Mtv, Bored panda and huffingtonpost. His designs are getting posted in the most prestigious brands social media accounts such as; Roberto Cavali, Valentino, Marchesa and Moschino.  With Shamekhs's daily new illustrations inspired by the latest trends, runway and fashion reports he made it with  leading international clients such as Clarins, Estée Lauder, Pepsi, Ted Baker, Level Shoe District, The national UAE,, Umagazine and



Luca lello & hind dabagh

Joz Hind Kitchen

Italy - Jordan

​*Valentine's day*

A married couple that runs a kitchen in the heart of Jabal Weibdeh called  Joz Hind, by Italian cook "Luca" and his Jordanian wife "Hind". “Joz Hind” believes in socially-responsible and healthy food. It is a local initiative rooted in in the neighborhood and they offer fresh food daily for lunch and dinner. Luca & Hind makes sure to provide the visitor with an unusual experience, once you walk straight into the kitchen and sit to eat in a communal veranda with other guests. The menu depends on the season; Luca can whip something together depending on his inspiration that day and what's best available in the market. Pass by Joz Hind soon for a visit, you'll feel right at home!


# 30

Philippe daher


Damascus - Syria

Philippe is an Architect, started his own design studio in 2007 in Damascus, , where he worked on several commercial, corporate, and residential projects; both locally and regionally. parallelly Philipp was searching for his own identity until he started is RAYXANDER design venture, ​ inspired by the rebirth process, the geometry that makes life, the forms created by patterns of movement and its unpredictable outcome. RAYXANDER doesn’t attempt to modernize or build on the artistic and visual language we have reached, Instead RAYXANDER, as a global citizen, strives to develop and produce a universally appealing and current style by going on an investigative journey to the base inspiration/ the origin behind these visual languages.​



Rawan Kashkoush

interior Architect

Dubai, U.A.E
Rawan is an interior architect dedicated to developing channels for the public to access design. She joined the Art Dubai Group in 2015 as creative director of Abwab, a platform to empower design talent from the MENASA and as content director and spokesperson for a number of ADGs design initiatives including; Urban Commissions 2.0/3.0 judging for both, the Design Days Dubai 2016/2017 Public Programme, Audi Innovation Award 2016/2017, the UAE-focused exhibition Wasl and was judge for the Van Cleef & Arpels Emergent Designer Prize 2017. Rawan is currently responsible for Dubai Design Week regional projects and knowledge exchanges and her aim is to create opportunities for designers that often end up leaving the Middle East, to create a space that empowers design in the UAE and the rest of the neighbourhood.

A minute marvel stories



omar al-zo'bi & yousef abedrabbo

graphic designers

Amman, Jordan
Omar and Yousef are both Graphic Designers and the founder of
Eyen Design, a collective in Amman that aims to congregate a network of designers and creative thinkers from different disciplines. Omar and Yousef 
are both obsessed by the Arabic typeface and anything related to it. 
With their practice they have experienced design professionally in different aspects such as branding, visual  and corporate identities, illustration, user experience and most importantly Arabic typeface.


# 34

Haya khalifeh

Pastry chef

Amman- Jordan

Pastry chef with the degree in environmental science.  Once it was graduation time, Haya knew she wanted to be a pastry chef; but she also wanted to learn more about another field she was passionate about - environmental science. During her time at school in Birmingham, Haya would explore sedimentary rocks and stones by day, and make lemon squares by night. Haya couldn't stop her dream she went to London to do a Diploma in Patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu. Once she came back to Amman, she started decorating with the most original designs and creating the most decadent of recipes, it's no wonder the people of Jordan took notice. In a time where young women are becoming successful entrepreneurs and taking over the world, Butter Believe It is establishing herself as a key player in the industry and taking her rightful place in the burgeoning world of business.



omar nakkash

interior designer

Dubai, U.A.E
Omar is an interior designer, he found inspiration from the books and magazines. Omar was an art enthusiast at an early age. He completed his Bachelor's in Design & Management from Parsons the New School for Design in New York. In 2012, following in his father's footsteps, he moved to Milan to complete his graduate studies in Interior Design from Scuola Politecnica de Design. Purity governs Omar’s bursts of creativity and simplicity dictates his approach to projects. Omar enjoys the entire process of interior design - from the initial creative concept to a photograph of the finished project.



# 9 

abdulrahman asfour

Automotive furniture designer


Abdulrahman Asfour , started Auto-art as his graduation project; getting automotive scrap and turning them into furniture and accessories that can be used at home, garden or office, grabbed the attention of Tedx who invited him as a speaker to their event in Amman in 2013. It was then that he realized that his passion, Auto-Art, impresses other people and that it is more than just a graduation project. Clients vary from those interested in recycling and nature, to automotive enthusiasts, to creative and innovative people.



Aymen Azzam


Amman - Jordan
Aymen is a Potter that creates extremely unique and rare ceramic pieces. Graduated from Yarmouk University with an MA in the Chemical Analysis of Ceramic Glazes. He spent several years working in the field of international education, but always maintained his passion for pottery and ceramics.

In his artwork, he has used various techniques including Earthenware, Raku and Stoneware, finally moving on to the complicated process of growing Zinc Crystals under extremely high temperatures. Aymen's recent artwork resembles complicated crystal formations on pottery shapes, with star and universe-like formations.​ Aymen combines science, art and persistence to master the process of crystal growth, and involves the development of a chemical formula, temperature curve control, and an understanding of the clay used.

# 2

Farah hourani

Fashion designer


​Farah Hourani wears multiple hats;  She launched, a diary on style, beauty and travel as a creative outlet and a platform.she is the founder of her eponymous clothing brand "FaraHourani", which is exclusively made in Jordan by her and her creative team. As a co-founder of, that showcases the latest trends in fashion, design, art, music and film .Farah is a key style influencer and has been profiled on high-traffic fashion websites including Face Hunter, CoolLiving,, as well as MTV.

highlighting marvelous people telling their stories in 60 seconds 

# 6

Randa haddadien

Architect & Artist


​Randa Haddadin, is an architect and a growing self-taught visual artist, her work is inspired by personal experiences and the stories of people around her through time, conveying the deep struggles hidden in the attics of the mind, heart and soul, through experimental techniques.Her work has been featured in many magazines and international websites, and was part of collective exhibitions in Amman and New York.​



Hisham Abu baker

coffee roaster 

​Amman - Jordan

Over the past 10  years, Hisham had immersed in the sales  & marketing world, earning extensive international experience working in a pharmaceutical multinational companies. Then Left the pharmaceutical industry business to follow his dream in a new challenge. Hisham has visited more than 15 countries in Europe, Africa, and East Asia, touring local coffee roasters and houses and spending hundreds of hours tasting specialty coffees and experiencing different coffee cultures. Then he decided to establish a state of art specialty coffee roastery here in Jordan, that  competes with international brands. His roaster is one of a kind , proudly 100% made with passion in Jordan.

Early 2015 Hisham has established; DIMITRI’S COFFEE brand taking the coffee business in Jordan to a whole new level.



# 5

Mohammad khalifeh

Dentist & oral surgeon


​Mohammad khalifeh was born in Amman,Jordan. Mohammad is a dentist with a passion for clean dental beauty and a great activist in the mission of public health awareness. His aim as a co-founder of Dental lounge is to bring about a new age of Dental treatment approach in Jordan.



Rana Haddadin

Ayurvedic practitione

Amman- Jordan

An Ayurvedic practitioner, a wellness coach, and a yoga teacher with a bachelors in biomedical sciences and a masters in nutrition. Rana combines the centuries old teachings of Ayurveda with modern-day Western health philosophies, aiming to teach her clients the tools and techniques to become their own healers. She travels frequently - moving around the world to deepen her knowledge by learning from top practitioners and to learn about and incorporate many cultural approaches to health and wellness.  She conducts most of her Ayurvedic counseling sessions online, and hosts in-person retreats, workshops, and counseling sessions depending on her availability and travel schedule.

Instagram: @ranaayu_1
Facebook: Ranaayu


# 36

Diana rayyan

Social entrepreneur

Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

Social entrepreneur has a B.Sc. in Pharmacy,  after graduating and working first in the pharmaceutical industry and then with the Saudi Red Crescent Authority, Diana discovered she was more interested in Public Health, the absolute opposite of Pharmacy. Diana started Trochet after attending an Earth Day conference where she was shocked and felt culpable upon learning the degree of environmental harm caused by plastic bags. Trochet is as much a social movement as it is a business, that brings to market a range of hip, trendy and ‘must-have’ lifestyle products for the globally oriented and environmentally aware city dweller. The brand Kees chic has developed that produces niche items produced via local artisans out of plastic bags . Diana's innovative entrepreneurship has been recognized at home and abroad. She won first prize at the Harvard Arab Week 2013 for employing 50 women at Trochet and successfully recycling tons of plastic bags into creative simple quality products.

# 1

Dalia karouta

salsa dancer 


​Dalia Karouta, is a Salsa dancer, instructor and choreographer from Tripoli-Lebanon. She has been training in dance for 15 years.  She has participated and performed in various dance festivals with artists from around the globe. Throughout her dancing years she also took part in many dance performances, shows and musicals. Dalia is still pursuing her career in dance, she is still learning as well as teaching, choreographing and performing. 



othman khunji

interdisciplinary designer

Doha - Qatar

Bahraini interdisciplinary designer, working at Qatar Museums as an Exhibition Design Production Specialist, whose work ranges across the fields of product, and interactive installation design. The social behaviors, from an Islamic perspective, triangulating how the relationships between religion, culture, and society can be expressed through the language of design are his particular areas of interest. Othaman's interactive creations invite a reawakening and exploration of faith-based practices and social justice issues that will establish platforms for dialogue in the hope of generating new schools of thought.

# 8

Rebecca audeh

Fitness instructor & consultant


Rebecca Audeh, is a fitness instructor and consultant with the goal of changing people's life style through life coaching & body fitness 

She has joined different national teams in a young age; swimming, martial arts and taekwondo, practiced dancing from classical to modern form, became hiphop and salsa instructor. Until she got introduced to the Zumba world where she earned the certification.
With her business background and fitness passion helped her to pursue her dream of improving lifestyle of others.


        # 24       

samia taktak zaru



*Mother's day*

Samia Zaru is an award-winning Jordanian multimedia artist whose work includes designing, painting, illustration, sculpting, murals, urban art and education. Zaru is famous for her metal sculptures some of which are displayed at the Haya Center and Al Hussein Gardens and abstract paintings, characterized by Muslim and Christian symbolism and Middle Eastern influences.  Zaru's work is featured in the Vatican, President Reagan and President Carter Library Museums, Rockefeller Art Collection, Russian Modern Art Museum, Jordan Royal Court, Jordan National Gallery, and private collections worldwide. She is a founding member of the Jordan National Gallery and the Artists Association, a trainer at the UNRWA Amman Teacher Training Center, and one of seven international UNESCO experts setting policies for the enhancement of arts in education.  Zaru studied art and education at the American University of Beirut and pursued her post-graduate studies at the Corcoran School of Art & Design and American University in Washington.  


# 16

Katia al tal



Katia Al-Tal is a sculptor , that takes the energy of the Earth at its most fundamental clay level, infuses it with passion, molds it with vision and transforms it into magnificence. To achieve her goal in functional art Katia  established a workshop in Amman, Jordan, where she was able to conceive her first collection composed of 3 C’s; Clay,Calligraphy and Creativity. Her Arab origin and worldly travels, major inspirations for her sculptures, can be felt in every curve and stroke of her designs. Katia's work has been celebrated at numerous ateliers, exhibitions, private art collections and media channels in Europe, Asia and the Arab World.​​​

# 10

Sima najjar



Sima Najjar is a serial entrepreneur; she founded her first company

SiMS Events & Model, co-founded Pinkdust Boutique in 2010 and most recently CEO of; videos targeting women in Arabic, With 750+ videos so far. Sima has participated in global competitions, won Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards for the MENA region and was selected as one of the leading women in MENA to participate in Vital Voices .Through her experiences in launches several business she has developed an expertise in business management. Other than the business aspect, Sima was part of the team to climb Kilimanjaro Mountain.


# 15

Saddam Sayyaleh

Social entrepreneur


Saddam Sayyaleh is a social entrepreneur, after he traveled to South East and Central Asia (2010 - 2014) volunteering and working with vulnerable children and minorities, he launched an initiative called

(I Learn) in Jerash city, has quickly grown to serve 350 individuals in eight marginalized Jordanian and refugee communities. I Learn initiative creates safe spaces for at-risk individuals and uses proven educational frameworks to empower them to take charge of their lives and build a better future. In October 2014 he Joined Four Seasons Society in Jerash to work on economic growth projects in the country side of Jordan .Saddam is a recipient of the Badir fund for Young Jordanian Social Entrepreneurs.


# 37

Raya kassisieh

Fashion designer

Amman - Jordan

A fashion designer, has been was always interested in the world of self expression. Starting off as a fine artist she gradually transitioned into sculptures, mobile art and finally landed in fashion choosing fabric as her medium. After graduating secondary school she moved to Brooklyn, New York to attend Pratt Institute to further her study the field of fashion. After residing in New York for 5 years and working in several fields of the industry, Raya moved back to Amman where she worked on made to measure apparel and assisted the director at Wadi Finan Art Gallery. She now resides in New York consulting for luxury brands and curating at international art fairs with the Gallery.

Raya Kass studio:




kais al-rawi


Los Angeles, California
Kais is  currently based in Los Angeles, California and is an Associate at

Walter P Moore & Associates Los Angeles Office, specialized in facades and specialty structures. Kais is involved in key projects such as the LA NFL Stadium, Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, New Orleans Airport among others. Prior to that he has been working with award-winning practices including Synthesis

Design + Architecture. Kais specializes in generative design methodologies involving computation, investigating the potential they hold at the intersection of Architecture and Engineering. He also directs and teaches at the Architectural Association' (AA) Summer Visiting School Programme in Jordan.



yarub smarait


Amman - Jordan
Yarub discovered his talent and became so apparent in his early years, at the age of 11 years he participated and won several young Music Artist competitions both locally and nationally. It was clear that his love for music went beyond the classical cliché, Yarub began his journey exploring the world of Arabic music, ensemble and soon with time and practice, his Arabic musicality and
performance techniques impressed wide audiences and music experts alike. Yarub’s love for music has paved the way for many performances
both nationally and internationally, he also recorded for world renowned musicians such as PlacidoDomingo, Jose Thomas, Ismail lumanovski, Abraham Laboriel and worked with the distinguished producer Javier Limon. 

After a long wait, Smarait has established his own musical group that
presents music of the Middle East with a Western twist to perform his
own compositions and arrangements.


# 18

Hana Faouri



Hana Faouri is the visionary and the founder of Khordda, as an artist and crafter, she has diverse interests in materials, drawing, artisanal handicrafts. She is most known in Jordan for her work in upcycling. She has worked frequently with women communities and distressed groups in several cities and villages around Jordan teaching them how to use materials that are available to them to create products that they can sell or use. Hana has created a monthly market called Souq el sodfeh, that connects the creators with the needed market by hosting farmers and crafters emphasizes on locality and creativity.


# 4

bashar alaeddin

Photographer & videographer


​Bashar Alaeddin was born in Amman, Jordan. Bashar is a Levantine-mix photographer and videographer showcasing the beauty of the Middle East region from its culture and cuisine to its landscapes and night skies. With over 10 years experience creating visual imagery and content in the commercial and documentary field with a few awards in various fields, Bashar is shedding light on Arabian culture in new ways.



# 31

rula qatami abujabr

Birth & Parenting educator

Amman - Jordan

Pharmacist, Birth and Parenting educator, breastfeeding specialist. Mother of 3, with a set of twins. Her birth and parenting experience with her first born led her to work on a certification as a birth and postpartum Doula in Canada. Upon relocating back in Amman, she decided to offer birth and parenting education through maternity classes at Birth & Beyond center. Her goal is to support and guide expecting couples through pregnancy, birth and beyond.





Achitect & designer

Beirut - Lebanon

  Vick Vanlian is an architect and interior designer, being engulfed in the world of young age, Vick realized his passion for design at the age of 7. With this sense of design, he completed his first interior design 

project while he was in second  year of design school.

Since then he has had an overflow of projects ranging from apartments to Palaces, Restaurants, Bars and Hotels.  Always showing the different aspects of his fun and loving personality in his designs which are eclectic, luxurious and pop out of the ordinary,embracing the pop culture of the moment. Vick Vanlian strives to utilize and play on the senses wherever possible, Touch, Smell, Sight, and Sound, as they are all part of experiencing any space.


# 33

Ammar kalo

Researcher & Designer

United Arab Emirates- Dubai

Researcher, Designer and Architect, Ammar's work mostly interrogates the between relationship of digital technology and traditional craft. His work blends conventional material processes with advanced digital fabrication methods. Ammar's area of research interest includes developing design/fabrication workflows that utilize the inextricable links between materials, fabrication tools and form-making. Ammar has founded KALO design studio, all the designs for KALO products from inception to 3D modeling, machine programming, assembly, and hand finishing are done by Ammar Kalo himself.

In 2004 Kalo won KUKA Young Potential Award for best scientific paper, during the 2015 Milan Design Week, he received a Silver A‘Design Award his chair design STRATUM. Also, in October 2015, Harper's Bazaar Interiors awarded him the Emerging Designer award during the inaugural Dubai Design Week. Ammar is currently the Director of CAAD Labs at the American University of Sharjah.​​​​​


# 14

Rami haikal

Artisan Confectionist


Rami Haikal is a Musician, software Developer, and Confectionist . He is the founder and the artisan behind Toffimelt; the first gourmet caramel and toffee house in Jordan & the Middle East. Rami's passion for candy started when he was really young, thanks to growing up in one of the oldest candy factories in Amman, which was established by his grandfather. Combining his passion for confectionery, his artistic side, and the precision and logical thinking that comes with being a software developer, Rami is proud to be building Toffimelt as a local Jordanian business with international standards.



# 12

Maria haddad

Social Entrepreneur


​Maria Haddad ,  A Chef studied in Canada and worked in advertising for a while until her passion for cooking took over and she went on to become a professional Chef. Maria studied at the Royal Academy for Culinary Arts and then practiced her cooking in London and Amman. She founded Beit sitti, a cooking and dining experience located in Jabal Al Weibdeh. People go there to cook, learn about the culture, meet new people and enjoy the Arabic food. With Beit sitti Maria initiates in recruiting unemployed local woman to act as a trainer and help with cooking the traditional food. Beit Sitti was awarded the certificate of excellence on Trip Advisor for three consecutive years. Also has received the best reviews from its customers and been recommended by different food and entertaining channels, such as;
CNN International, Lonely Planet Traveler, Randy Kalp & Bethany Salvon, Arabia Food & Travel,


# 20

Noor nsheiwat

Furniture & Interior designer


Started her career as an architecture and been exploring her talents in different creative areas such as; filmmaking, writing, acting, Singing, drawing and design. Been traveling around the world for the past 6 years to learn & share the knowledge of space, function, style, retail, cafe & most importantly home design. Noor found her passion in interior & product design and started N products as an recycled furniture line where she celebrates affordable unique pieces.​​​


      # 25     

khalid shafar

Furniture designer

Dubai- United Arab Emirates

 Khalid Shafar is a business graduate, worked in marketing and communication for almost seven years. In 2005 Khalid completed a degree in Fine Arts in Interior Design and by the end of 2009 had decided to leave marketing and follow his passion for design. Khalid has studied and specialized in Furniture & Objects design, first at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, UK, then at the Centre for Fine Woodworking in Nelson, New Zealand. In 2011 Khalid opened his own studio in Dubai and in Nov 2012 Khalid inaugurated his first showcase space ‘KASA’. Among his notable international collaborations, Khalid collaborated with the Brazilian duo Campana Brothers on an installation for Abu Dhabi Art 2010. He recently collaborated with the historical French cabinetmaker Moissonnier, with the carpet industry leader Tai Ping, and with the design brand Kartell on special limited edition releases.


      # 26     

loulwa Al-Radwan

Interior & product designer

Kuwait - Kuwait

Loulwa Al-Radwan is an interior designer who's been in this field for the past 12 years. After working with corporates for years, loulwa  decided to take the step to start her own interior design studio "interia" were  originality is portrayed in unique pieces of furnitures and accessories . This has inspired her to start her own line of limited edition furnitures and accessories, in which she has participated in Van Cleef & Arpels and Tashkeel Middle east emergent designer prize 2015, where her piece was selected as one of the four finalists.

 Loulwa's Style is mainly influenced by islamic and traditional designs with modern twist.




JASon Silva

Filmmaker- Futurist- epiphany addict

​New York City- United states

*How to find your passion*

Jason Silva is a media artist, futurist, philosopher, keynote speaker and

TV personality. He is the creator of Shots of Awe, a short film series of

"trailers for the mind" that serve as philosophical espresso shots exploring innovation, technology creativity, futurism and the metaphysics of the imagination. Shots of Awe has received more than 13 million views. He is also the Emmy nominated host of National Geographic Channel's hit TV series "Brain Games" , airing in over 100 countries. Jason's  goal is to use technology to excite people about philosophy and science.






Amman - Jordan

Fadi Zaghmout is an Author, blogger and  social-media specialist. Fadi has majored computer science and been practicing story writing since 2006 expressing his own thoughts, ideas and believes on his personal blog. His first published novel "The Bride of Amman" was released in 2012, this has helped him to get a Masters scholarship in Creative Writing and Critical Thinking from the University of Sussex in the UK. Since then Fadi been focusing on writing published his second novel in 2014  "Heaven on Earth" a speculative fiction that posits a near future where science defeats ageing and now Fadi is working on his third novel.



# 32

kamal alhmoud

Social entreprenuer

Amman - Jordan

Social entrepreneur with the degree in computer science . Juggling between computer and business courses, Kamal started working on his own project during his third year of university in 2012; Aster Company flourished aiming to create a greener environment utilizing unused spaces. Aster’s project portfolio has been growing successfully for the past two years, including residential and commercial projects and incorporating new technologies in their service offerings including 3D designs. Kamal became motivational speaker in many events such as: NewThink Theater, Incitement, Trip To Innovation (TTI) and INJAZ Organization, to inspire the youth to innovate and follow their dreams.

# 7

fouad jeryes

Technology entrepreneur


​Fouad Jeryes, is a tech venture obsessed. A business technologist by education, he has worked between the United States & MENA region. He focusses on advancing the technology scene in Jordan and was a managing partner of, part of the team that started up the incubation program at Oasis 500, initiated and co-founded monthly tech gathering titled Amman Tech Tuesdays (AmmanTT) and most recently, he is the co-founder of, a business that builds technologies to solve MENAs e-commerce challenges​



shireen talhouni


Amman - Jordan
Shireen is an architect turned choreographer. She worked for a number of years at award winning architectural practices Rogers Stirk and Harbour, Universal Design Studio and Sahel Al Hiyari Architects. In 2012, whilst living in London and fed up with spending her days confined to a desk chair, she took a leap of faith and left her successful career in architecture to study contemporary dance at the Trinity Laban conservatoire, a leading centre for contemporary dance and music. The decision transformed her life. Since then she has been creating thought provoking dance works that have been exhibited in Jordan and the UK. Her short dance film ‘Sarmad’ screened in over 15 festivals internationally and won the experimental film award at the Mosaic world film festival in 2016.In addition to dance making Shireen is committed to dance teaching and has regularly shared her passion with others at various institutions in Amman.



hiba khoury

social entrepreneur

Amman - Jordan

Hiba has studied business administration and were born in a patriotic home, Where she was taught the duty towards Palestine since she was a kid. The last brutal attack on Gaza 2014 led her and her co-founders , Khaled Al Shakaa, Bashir Abu Serdaneh, and Meira Yasin to start "One Love" initiative that aims in improving the living conditions for the people living at the Gaza refugee camp in Jerash. Involving the youth at the camp to empower  and embrace their potential in the community services. One Love initiative has been running for 3 years and been changing lives, creating smiles, improving the living, giving hope, renovating schools and building educational centers for kids and adults.

You can contact/ donate for One Love and be part of the change:


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lina khalifeh

Self defense trainer

Amman - Jordan

A trainer with 17 years of experience in practicing Martial Arts like Taekwondo, Kick-Boxing, Kung Fu and Boxing. As well as she holds the black belt in Taekwondo 3DAN, and has represented Jordan in many competitions and championships (National and International). Lina has established SheFighter, the first Self-Defense Studio designed to empower women both mentally and physiologically through Self-Defense Techniques. Lina's goal is to empower women through training them to feel more confident, empowered, secured and strong to defend themselves and become leaders around the glob.

Shefighter's mission: Train and empower 10 Million Women Globally in 10 years



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Mohammed zakaria



Mohammed Zakaria is a skateboarder, photographer, cinematographer, founder of Philadelphia Skateboards and co-founder of 7Hills Skatepark in Amman, Jordan. Started Skateboarding at the age 16 in the streets of Amman where the lack of professional skateboard gear inspired him to establish Philadelphia Skateboards in 2009, the first arabic skateboard company at the time. In 2014 his passion for skateboarding had taken him onto a new endeavor to build a skatepark in Amman.

The vision behind it was to be a community funded, community built, community run and community maintained skatepark that will serve as home to the ever growing skate scene in Amman. Philadelphia Skateboards partnered with Make Life Skate Life and the 7Hills Skatepark was born.




Manal Abushmais

Architect - Jam Maker

​Amman - Jordan

Manal is an Architect & Jam Maker, with great passion for ecology, design and hand crafting. Manal and her co-founder Aya Shaban founded "Namliyeh"

a young dynamic lifestyle brand focusing on authenticity and craftsmanship.

They experiment with ingredients found in the wild to produce a range of ethical products inspired by the landscape. Their unique Jordanian products includes natural Jam, Honey & Herbal Tea are a result of strong collaboration between traditional farmers, passionate makers and innovative designers.

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Sima najjar


Sima is a serial entrepreneur; she founded her first company
SiMS Events & Model, co-founded Pinkdust Boutique in 2010 and most recently CEO of; videos targeting women in Arabic, With 750+ videos so far. Sima has participated in global competitions, won Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards for the MENA region and was selected as one of the leading women in MENA to participate in Vital Voices .Through her experiences in launches several business she has developed an expertise in business management. Other than the business aspect, Sima was part of the team to climb Kilimanjaro Mountain.


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Amer Abidi & yasmin hakki

Interior architect & Graphic designer


 *Valentine's day*

Opposites in everything, but purpose

Amer Abidi is an international award winning 3D Artist with a degree in Architecture that has journeyed him to find his passion 

in Interior / Spatial Architecture. Yasmine Hakki started off her education in what she called Archi’torture’ gave just the perfect foot to float her off to finish a degree in Graphic Design.Abidi & Hakki are complete opposites married couple,  their creative differences and different work styles makes them more innovative & successful. They both founded Two opposites design, that produces unexplainable overwhelm concepts for

interior architecture & branding.


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Tania haddad

Fashion designer

Amman- Jordan

A fashion designer turning her unique illustrations into colorful and playful outfits. She studied at the International Institute Of Fashion Design and Marketing Polimoda, in Florence and then worked at Stamperia Fiorentina, where the combination of her illustrations and patterns came to life. It not only helped her develop her skills as a fashion designer but an artist as a whole.​

Even though she worked and lived abroad, she just can’t get enough of the third world colorful chaos of her hometown Jordan. Tania founded "Tania George" Clothes for a Cause, an initiative to help women from war-torn countries by providing them with a chance to stitch, knit and sew their way to safety, with her brand she utilizes a combination of traditional embroidery techniques with modern impressions and colors. This ultimately gives the unique style of the brand ‘Tania George’ and holds a little bit of hope, a lot of passion and a glimmer of light for a new fresh start.​


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Hanna salameh


Amman - Jordan

An Architect that is adamant about developing a new perspective on the production of modern architecture that is both relevant and specific to its context and culture while breaking architectural stereotypes and challenging social norms. Hanna is the Founder and Design Director of the architecture firm Hanna Salameh Design, located in Amman, Jordan working on various project that range in scale from furniture and product design to mega hospitals and master planning in different fields including residential, cultural, healthcare and hospitality.  He is a sustainability enthusiast who has developed projects of high energy efficiency and environmental consciousness, with the main focus on the health benefits that are associated with smart green design.




Yousef Anastas

Architect & Civil Engineer

Bethlehem- Palestine

An Architect and Civil Engineer, that believes that sustainability is no excuse for sacrifices. Instead, research is synonym of ambition for a more sustainable, more comfortable, and more interactive design.. He consider the process as a means of minimizing energy consumption between design and realization. In 2014, Yousef has conducted a research at the Form-Finding lab of Princeton University on biomimetic building skins. In 2014, he was awarded the 40 under 40 award for young European architects, (International Architecture Award from the Chicago Athenaeum and the European Urban Centre for Architecture). Yousef is currently leading AAU ANASTAS’ research department, SCALES - a research laboratory that is consistently enhanced by linking scales that are otherwise opposed.