Minute  7

Fouad Jeryes

Technology entrepreneur


​Fouad Jeryes, is a tech venture obsessed. A business technologist by education, he has worked between the United States & MENA region. He focusses on advancing the technology scene in Jordan and was a managing partner of d1g.com, part of the team that started up the incubation program at Oasis 500, initiated and co-founded monthly tech gathering titled Amman Tech Tuesdays (AmmanTT) and most recently, he is the co-founder of CashBasha.com, a business that builds technologies to solve MENAs

e-commerce challenges​


Minute 51

Shireen Talhouni

Choreographer - Amman, Jordan
Shireen is an architect turned choreographer. She worked for a number of years at award winning architectural practices Rogers Stirk and Harbour, Universal Design Studio and Sahel Al Hiyari Architects. In 2012, whilst living in London and fed up with spending her days confined to a desk chair, she took a leap of faith and left her successful career in architecture to study contemporary dance at the Trinity Laban conservatoire, a leading centre for contemporary dance and music. 

The decision transformed her life. Since then she has been creating thought provoking dance works that have been exhibited in Jordan and the UK. Her short dance film ‘Sarmad’ screened in over 15 festivals internationally and won the experimental film award at the Mosaic world film festival in 2016.In addition to dance making Shireen is committed to dance teaching and has regularly shared her passion with others at various institutions in Amman. 


Minute 50

Hiba khoury

Social Entrepreneur - Amman, Jordan

Hiba has studied business administration and were born in a patriotic home, Where she was taught the duty towards Palestine since she was a kid. The last brutal attack on Gaza 2014 led her and her co-founders , Khaled Al Shakaa, Bashir Abu Serdaneh, and Meira Yasin to start "One Love" initiative that aims in improving the living conditions for the people living at the Gaza refugee camp in Jerash. Involving the youth at the camp to empower  and embrace their potential in the community services. One Love initiative has been running for 3 years and been changing lives, creating smiles, improving the living, giving hope, renovating schools and building educational centers for kids and adults.

You can contact/ donate for One Love and be part of the change:


Minute 55

Omar al-zo'bi & Yousef abedrabbo

Graphic designers, Amman- Jordan

Omar and Yousef are both Graphic Designers and the founder of Eyen Design, a collective in Amman that aims to congregate a network of designers and creative thinkers from different disciplines. Omar and Yousef  are both obsessed by the Arabic typeface and anything related to it. With their practice they have experienced design professionally in different aspects such as branding, visual  and corporate identities, illustration, user experience and most importantly Arabic typeface.




Faysal tabbara

Architect and Educator - Sharjah, U.A.E
Faysal is an Architect and Educator, currently Associate Professor of  Architecture at the American University of Sharjah, U.A.E. He received his Master's in Architecture and Urbanism at the Architectural Association School of Architecture's Design Research Lab (AADRL) in London and his B.Arch from AUS. He has previously held professional positions in architecture and design in London and the U.A.E. Faysal is a Co-founder of Architecture + Other Things, where he explores alternative models of architecture and design. Nature is Faysal's main source of inspiration, his work is under the theme of almost found, which makes the person wonder whether the piece is found or made.



Minute 39

Hayan maani

Artist - Amman, Jordan

A multi talented artist whose work covers a wide array of design directions. From paintings and sculpture to calligraphy and interior design. With a journey of over 25 years; Hayan has steadfastly

left his own imprint in his home country Jordan. Firmly believing in the power of expression, individualism and originality, his works are a true reflection of his artistic inner nature. Hayan is inspired and specialized in the Arabic and Islamic art forms, he expresses his vision by intersecting between modern Arabic calligraphy and furniture design.



Minute 28

Vick Vanlian

Achitect & designer - Beirut, Lebanon

  Vick Vanlian is an architect and interior designer, being engulfed in the world of young age, Vick realized his passion for design at the age of 7. With this senseof design, he completed his first interior design project while he was in second  year of design school. Since then he has had an overflow of projects ranging from apartments to Palaces, Restaurants, Bars and Hotels.  Always showing the different aspects of his fun and loving personality in his designs which are eclectic, luxurious and pop out of the ordinary,embracing the pop culture of the moment. Vick Vanlian strives to utilize and play on the senses wherever possible, Touch, Smell, Sight, and Sound, as they are all part of experiencing any space.

Minute 78

Luma Adnani

Founder of Adam Wa Mishmish

Luma has graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English and then a Master’s Degree in international Journalism, she moved back to Amman, and worked at the Jordan Times, and then became a morning show presenter at a local radio station. In 2012 Luma got married, and in 2014 she had her first born Adam. Frustrated with the quality of Arabic content available to children, and afraid her son would not love his mother tongue , she decided to do something about it along with her partners. In 2016, Adam Wa Mishmish was launched. A musical cartoon the teaches children the basics of the Arabic language and the world around them, targeting young children aged 0 to 6 years old. Today their cartoon plays on OSN, Lamsa, Anghami, Istikana and Highbrow. Their YouTube channel has over 1 and a quarter million views and grows everyday.


Minute 22        

sally Shalabi

Storyteller - Amman, Jordan

Between story telling and story collecting lies a sea of possibility, this is Shalabieh's playground. Shalabieh (Sally Shalabi), started her story telling years ago with children and uses both local and international influences to inspire her performances. Her performances include the folkloric tales and modern stories, as well as children's classics. Shalabieh enjoys working with a range of audiences that includes children, family audiences and adults. Shalabieh is inspired by old folklore stories and works with each story, developing it and  bringing it into a contemporary light. She is developing her own stories and shows in 2016 and 2017.  She tells her stories in both English and Arabic as well as performing collaboratively as a translating story teller. She is also the founder of a new collaborative group:  The Jordanian Story Tellers Collective.



Minute 3

Bijan qutub

Ballet & contemporary dancer - Amman, Jordan

Bijan Qutub was born in Amman, Jordan. Bijan  is the first male Jordanian Ballet dancer to pursue dance professionally on scholarship at the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School in New York Aiming to have a professional career and return to Jordan to develop and help the sustainable growth in the arts and dance .

Minute 24       

Samia Taktak Zaru

Artist - Amman,Jordan

Samia Zaru is an award-winning Jordanian multimedia artist whose work includes designing, painting, illustration, sculpting, murals, urban art and education. Zaru is famous for her metal sculptures some of which are displayed at the Haya Center and Al Hussein Gardens and abstract paintings, characterized by Muslim and Christian symbolism and Middle Eastern influences.  Zaru's work is featured in the Vatican, President Reagan and President Carter Library Museums, Rockefeller Art Collection, Russian Modern Art Museum, Jordan Royal Court, Jordan National Gallery, and private collections worldwide. She is a founding member of the Jordan National Gallery and the Artists Association, a trainer at the UNRWA Amman Teacher Training Center, and one of seven international UNESCO experts setting policies for the enhancement of arts in education.  Zaru studied art and education at the American University of Beirut and pursued her post-graduate studies at the Corcoran School of Art & Design and American University in Washington.  

Minute 57

Rawan Kashkoush

Interior Architect

Rawan is an interior architect dedicated to developing channels for the public to access design. She joined the Art Dubai Group in 2015 as creative director of Abwab, a platform to empower design talent from the MENASA and as content director and spokesperson for a number of ADGs design initiatives including; Urban Commissions 2.0/3.0 judging for both, the Design Days Dubai 2016/2017 Public Programme, Audi Innovation Award 2016/2017, the UAE-focused exhibition Wasl and was judge for the Van Cleef & Arpels Emergent Designer Prize 2017. Rawan is currently responsible for Dubai Design Week regional projects and knowledge exchanges and her aim is to create opportunities for designers that often end up leaving the Middle East, to create a space that empowers design in the UAE and the rest of the neighbourhood.


Minute 60

Karma Bdeir

Health and wellness coach

Karma is an interior designer turned health and wellness coach and business owner. She has had a passion for wellness from as long as she could remember, she opted to study interior architecture in college and worked in the field of design for 5 years before pursuing her calling in the health and wellness world. She is now a certified holistic nutritionist and health coach and the founder of The MedShed, a retail snack business based in Jordan, as well as a holistic health media platform . Karma simultaneously started a deep self-discovery journey when she founded The MedShed back in 2014, her mission is help people live better by spreading awareness on the importance of preserving the body to support the ever-expanding mind and soul.




Minute  9 

Abdulrahman Asfour

Automotive furniture designer - Amman, Jordan

Abdulrahman Asfour , started Auto-art as his graduation project; getting automotive scrap and turning them into furniture and accessories that can be used at home, garden or office, grabbed the attention of Tedx who invited him as a speaker to their event in Amman in 2013. It was then that he realized that his passion, Auto-Art, impresses other people and that it is more than just a graduation project. Clients vary from those interested in recycling and nature, to automotive enthusiasts, to creative and innovative people.


Minute 53

Aymen Azzam

Potter - Amman,Jordan
Aymen is a Potter that creates extremely unique and rare ceramic pieces. Graduated from Yarmouk University with an MA in the Chemical Analysis of Ceramic Glazes. He spent several years working in the field of international education, but always maintained his passion for pottery and ceramics.

In his artwork, he has used various techniques including Earthenware, Raku and Stoneware, finally moving on to the complicated process of growing Zinc Crystals under extremely high temperatures. Aymen's recent artwork resembles complicated crystal formations on pottery shapes, with star and universe-like formations.​ Aymen combines science, art and persistence to master the process of crystal growth, and involves the development of a chemical formula, temperature curve control, and an understanding of the clay used.



Minute 44

Zaid souqi

Social Entrepreneur - Amman, Jordan

Social entrepreneur with a B.Sc. in Computer Systems engineering,  after  working in the corporate Finance as a financial analyst and holding different positions in Logistics such as Operations and General Management, in addition to interning at and consulting an NGO in South Africa, Zaid decided to quit his job  and comfort zone to find his passion. After two years of soul-searching while attending one of the top entrepreneurship focused MBA programs and serving an South African foundation in Johannesburg that aims to improve the lives of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in rural communities, Zaid was able to pursue a purposeful life through creating his dream project The Orenda Tribe; a children's clothes brand that offers high quality and socially responsible apparel, with designs created from the art of children living in refugee camps & distressed communities.



Minute 58

Omar Nakkash

Interior Designer

Omar is an interior designer, he found inspiration from the books and magazines. Omar was an art enthusiast at an early age. He completed his Bachelor's in Design & Management from Parsons the New School for Design in New York. In 2012, following in his father's footsteps, he moved to Milan to complete his graduate studies in Interior Design from Scuola Politecnica de Design. Purity governs Omar’s bursts of creativity and simplicity dictates his approach to projects. Omar enjoys the entire process of interior design - from the initial creative concept to a photograph of the finished project.





Minute  5

Mohammad khalifeh

Dentist & Oral surgeon - Amman, Jordan

​Mohammad khalifeh was born in Amman,Jordan. Mohammad is a dentist with a passion for clean dental beauty and a great activist in the mission of public health awareness. His aim as a co-founder of Dental lounge is to bring about a new age of Dental treatment approach in Jordan.